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Our Services

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Why Home Staging Matters

Upscale Your Resale

Did you know staged homes sell 3 times faster and for more money?

Studies show that 80% of buyers say it is easier to visualize themselves in a staged home, which means they are more likely to BUY!

Our Packages Include:

Homeowner Report

We will view the house and exterior to give a detailed report on what the homeowner can change to make it sell faster and for top dollar.

Hands Free Experience

We will handle the whole process by rearranging the client's existing items and making the space show-ready. Rental of accessories are available if needed.

Accredited Staging Professional

International Association of Home Staging Professionals


What Our Clients Say

CSRA Home Design has done a spectacular job with staging consultations for our clients. The reports our clients receive are practical, thorough and easy to understand. The suggestions given to our clients inspired important improvements which led to their homes selling quickly and with multiple desirable offers. We highly recommend sellers utilize this incredible service.

Julie Real Estate Agent

Julie has come through for our clients' flooring needs time and again. She has very competitive pricing and is incredibly knowledgeable about the products. When we need to know current style trends, Julie is our first call. She is always wonderful to work with and creates an end result which leaves our clients thrilled.

Josh Real Estate Agent
Interior Decorating

Create A Space That Reflects You

Are you struggling to make a space capture your unique style? Or maybe you need more functionality. We are experts in blending style and function to make any space feel like you. Scroll below to see some ideas of how we can help personalize your space.

Living Rooms

Looking for function with a splash of style. Contact us today to get started.


Use patterns in your spaces to create cozy and relaxed atmospheres.


Create calm, comfortable, and relaxing spaces conducive to sleep.

Home Office

Create a home office space that fosters productivity and focus, with adequate lighting and comfortable seating.

Recreation Rooms

Have a space with a unique function? We can assist in designing game rooms, man caves, playrooms and more.
Why Choose Us

Clever design converts and changes according to need.

While interior design is about personalizing a house to make it a home, staging is de-personalizing and preparing a house as a product for the unknown buyer. How quickly and for how much a home sells depends greatly on how well it is arranged and accessorized. You will attract more purchasers to your house by allowing them to visualize themselves in the house.

Below are ways clever design can change according to the need.

  • Functionality: How well-designed your home is can greatly affect how practical it is. For instance, if you have a tiny room, you should utilize furniture and accessories that make the most of it. This could entail selecting furniture that serves many purposes or employing design to make the room appear larger. Your home’s design can also impact how functional it is. You can make the most of your space and support your daily activities with the aid of interior design.
  • Home Staging: Interior decorating is essential for home staging while you’re selling your house. How quickly and for how much a home sells depends greatly on how well it is arranged. You may attract more purchasers to your house by using furnishings and design to showcase its best qualities.
  • Home Happiness: Interior design is crucial to establishing a happy environment in your home. Your house needs to represent your personality and sense of style and complement your way of life. You’ll be more likely to feel content and happy in your surroundings if you decorate your home in a style that makes you pleased.
  • Rental Homes: Interior design is crucial for luring and keeping tenants in your home if you’re renting it out. Renters are more likely to choose a nicely decorated home over a plain, uninviting one. Additionally, if your rental property is chic and welcoming, your tenants will take better care of it, lowering the possibility of damage and general wear and tear.
Services that will Make A Space shine

Interior Planning That Will Make Life Better

Create certain moods, functionality, and comfort with our other services. 

Color Consultation

Use color in spaces to create moods and give a polished look. Contact us to see how we color can add that finishing touch. Color consultations save time and money. Finding the right balance of shades and accent colors to work with your home and furnishings prevents costly mistakes and disappointment.

Short-Term and Mid-Term Rental Decorating

The key to functional rental decor is using pieces that can take the wear and tear, while still offering a pleasing look to get premium rates. Connect with us to learn what furniture is best for rental properties and what items renters expect to be included with their rentals.

Short Term Rental Specialist

Pre-Construction Design Connsultations

When building a new home, selecting all the finishes can be overwhelming. Our experts have helped design 100’s of homes with builders and know what finishes will last and function in your space. Save time, energy, and money  by letting an expert help.

Privacy Window Treatments

Need help with blinds, shutters, and shades to fit the flow of your space? We offer privacy window treatment services. Connect with us to get window treatments to complement your space and control sun exposure and UV fading of furniture and flooring.

Purchase and Install Floor Covering From Our Expert Team

Selecting the appropriate flooring requires consideration of many factors including how the space will be used, occupants of the home-both 2 and 4-legged, the type of subfloor, and the budget. While carpet flooring is quiet and warm it may not be the best choice in high-traffic areas. Generally speaking, the installation costs of a high-quality floor covering cost no more than a low-grade product that will not perform over time. Let us guide you through the options.

Flooring options: Carpet, luxury vinyl, and hardwood. 

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